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Sedonya Concierge

Sedona, Arizona

(832) 748 - -0777

Sedonya Spiritual Intuitive Readings


$25 Off Of An Hour Reading

Intuitive Readings are a powerful tool to bring clarity to any situation; past, current and future relationships, work and career, life purpose, spiritual growth, health, as well as finances.

Must be 18 or older.

Sedona Experience Exclusive Benefit

What we love about 

Sedonya Concierge

The Spiritual Intuitive Readings offered by the Sedonya Readers are both comprehensive and unparalleled amongst their kind. Key information is read from the highest and most complete level of the soul and distilled into everyday language so that you may understand (from a higher perspective) why you experience the struggles that you face.

When redeeming offer please let the establishment know that you are a Sedona Experience Member.

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